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    3 Common Reasons of Investigations after Marriage

    India is a diverse country where every religion has its own freedom. Every society has its own rules, bounded under Indian Law. Whereas there are different religions so there are different marriage conditions too. There are some religions in which one can keep up to 4 wives. Some of the special religions also allow keeping one wife on 5 brothers. There are some modern families too. Divorces initiated more in Urban Area compared to Rural Areas.

    According to statistics, Kerala files 5 divorce cases every hour. Kerala has the most divorce cases, Maharashtra claims second and Madhya Pradesh secures third in Divorce Cases. Marriages can no lesser than fairytales. It’s sad when it ends up with sour memories. A person who tends to be the companion for next life, it becomes hard to sustain life with. Here are some key factors of Common Reasons of Investigations of Marriage, can lead to a Divorce.

    Family background

    This is a common trait of any family behaves in an appealing manner. It happens when they start searching for a bride or a groom for marriage. It is seen that during the marriage or after marriage the family shows their real behaviour. Changes are not suitable for Bride as she left her comfort zone for his married life. Soon it ends up in compromises or sometimes in divorce. In modern days, it’s seen that women tend not to be dependent on their Husband for daily needs. They start working. In such cases Bride’s family step against the girl and start demanding to sit back.

    Some dowry cases have also noticed. After marriage family tends to behave like supportive family. Soon after it ends like a Conservative family and demands for money or dowry. It also happens when the guy pretends to have a job but he ends up no job after marriage. In such cases, one can do the family background check. There are some Private Detective Services offers Post and Pre-Marriage checks. You can also do the personal background check on the bride or groom. If you’re married then, these agencies and provide you with some bold proofs to lodge a Divorce Case.

    Adultery or extra marital affairs

    It’s common to be jealous when your partner shows interest in the person of opposite sex. But it’s overwhelming in emotions when you notice a suspicious behaviour of your partner. It can be an affair or lack of interest in you. It becomes rigid to maintain that love and affection in your married life. It’s common in having a nonmarital affair too. If your partner doesn't share their phone or their phone screen or behaving negatively. These common traits can be ground to a Divorce Case.

    Generally, one cannot share their views as the base of affairs other than marriage. There would be in need of direct evidence to create the ground of extra affairs proof. Photograph and video of spouse and another person which tends to be in an affair are required. Hotel bills where the establish the physical relations would also be useful. A normal person cannot collect all those information on their own. You need to hire a professional detective service to collect proof to for Divorce Case.

    Past Relationships

    In India, most of the marriages are arranged. Arranged Marriage is a process of finding a suitable partner for their kids. People marry as their parents want them to marry the suitable person according to them. They don’t ask them for their perspective. In some cases, people get married forcefully. It’s not good for both bride and groom, mostly ends up successful marriages in 50% marriages.

    Bride and Groom make their thinking according to their new lives. If their thinking doesn’t matches, it’s the start of retrieving their past relationships. Secret business meetings, school or college reunions and such of events happen. If this time your spouse is not reachable, you should contact a person who can help you to trace the actual scenario. It’s clear indication that you’re not on the interest list. There are some pro techniques to find out what’s happening in real time. This can also be a ground for a Divorce Ground. You can make a proper documentation with professional help to file a Divorce Case. There are some private investigators in your City to help out in a collection of proof.



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