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    You are under surveillance

    In past few years, surveillance is being common in our everyday life. We’re so much indulged over the internet that it’s easy to track our daily activities. Smartphones are easy in reach of everybody, it opens a gateway to private companies to trace anybody.
    We’re still being traced without our information. The Facebook or Google or even your internet browser demands to track usage data. We usually end up check the mark and continue to use. We also share our phone number, email id and other personal data on many sites. This ends up our digital presence our digital world. Some of the companies share data to marketing companies over a cost. This means you’re easy to track over.

    How to check you’re under surveillance? Here are some of the points that can easily tell you.

    Check your tails: check is there anybody is following you? Check that you’re being followed by anybody out there. Be aware of the recent faces you’ve seen or interacted with. If you are being followed by any person, just try to change your route. Don’t look back or follow the person. It will open you to the unwanted situation too. Just keep changing your movements and get rid of person. Nowadays this type of surveillance is too costly. So, there are lesser chances of being followed.

    Digital Surveillance: Keep your private information to you only. We suggest not to share everything over your social accounts. It’s a lead to private detective agencies to watch over your activities without any fuss. We recommend you to off all the GPS or tracking functions of your phone too. Keep off the function of sending usage data to your service provider or software. It opens a gate to keep the check on your activities.

    Phone Calls: It’s easy to jailbreak any phone these days. Everybody has a smartphone, that is easy to track any of smartphone these days. If all of your calls have crackle pop sound on regular basis, this is not cellular service. Sometimes over a conference call, you might be able to hear that sound. This kind of sound is to worry about if on regular basis. There are some other electronic devices that can record sound in your home or office. If you’re hearing the crack and popping sound, check the electronic device. It might be possible that someone is keeping an eye on your all activities.
    Personal Email: Won a lottery? Did someone send you a greeting? Got bank account details from a different email id? Have some suggestions from unknown good wisher? Be Aware it may end up disclosing the private data to those people. Use some encrypting software's to keep your data safe. There are some free software or add-on of email that provides you information such as receiver has opened the email or not. There is much more feature available too. Keep in mind that it’s working on the other part too!
    Workplace Computer: Keep the check on your Employer tracing policy. Keep the check on what activities of your workplace computer are under that policy. Such as internet browser or any internet usage data. Might be some time you end up sharing your keystrokes and entire pc usage data at your Workplace. So, use your phone or personal PC for personal usage.

    Don’t be loyal to your smartphone it can be possible that your smartphone is cheating on you. It’s easy to hack any of smartphone or install a spyware on any phone. Today technology has decreased manpower and due to this spy agencies are using softwares to trace anybody. Special people like Prime Minister and President uses specially designed phones for daily use. It’s possible to track every single moment.

    Still, there are some possibilities that if your phone is using more data, a sign of spyware. There might be a possibility of a phone using more battery juice in such cases. The phone might also light up or some functions like GPS, we recommend you to factory reset your phone. Do not backup data over the phone after factory reset. It’s possible to install software through a picture itself!

    If all above points are in your life, you can use services of a private detective agency in your city. They can provide you with a clear page where you can get rid of all those issues. If you’re under surveillance, you can get information of the person, keeping eye on you.


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