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    Cyberspace - A tool of Control on daily life

    In Modern days, we are so much indulged in our Digital Social Lives. We share our deep sorrows or happiest moments over our social media accounts. We make friends. We decide our life partner. We order almost everything over the Internet. Modern development has provided us with a chance to do increase our productivity.

    Surveillance is happening every single second and every place in a present world. Sometimes it’s the sight and sometimes it’s done in a secret way. They can get all personal information from our daily routine. Firstly people say it’s for our personal safety or for a good cause. It all ends up in a mess. Our world leads to create an another world where everybody has a digital presence.

    Installation of cameras in our daily routes for decreasing crime. Allowing our phones to install mandatory apps releasing GPS locations. Technology has provided us with a chance of change. It can be helpful or can be destructive!

    Well, technology in today’s world is not that much developed. Still, most of the people have their offline lives too! In this lives we can trace any person, we can trust any person easily. It has created doors to spy on any person easily. There are many openings in Private Detective Firms all over India. Many of private agencies are operated by experienced spy of RAW (Indian Intelligence).

    The World on Digital Social Control

    We are leading to a cyber world too! This world is capable of tracing any person from any part of the world. This is a step forward for mankind. This sounds way back in 80’s were watching a person over television was too modern. Nowadays we can talk to a person in real time. Spying any person has become easier these days.


    China is always known for its new inventions in every field. Recently, China also came into the news in “Social Credit”. That would be in action till the year 2020. It’s started implemented by China in recent days. It was in city Hangzhou in China. Ms Li swiped a card turnstile in Railway Station. She got caught as she swiped her son’s card which charged him 50% of the fare. It was got caught in action and ended up in $ fine for not paying Adult charges.

    China will make this pilot project till 2020 and this “Social Credit” can implement by the rest of world. This system ensures every citizen of Country to behave well.


    In recent days, America has strict rules for immigration. The United States of America has some rules, demands personal information. There is a rule which asks you to submit your activity on Social Media. Have you visited a set of particular countries in past 9 years? There are such rules which have controlled the visit in America of most people.

    Such rules can also implement by many countries in the world in upcoming days. This will lead you not to perform well over Social Media Platforms. It’s the first thing that people notice when they meet you online. Or it can also trace by Government too.


    Aadhaar project. India launched this project way back in Jan 2009. This auspicious project creates a unique identification of every citizen in India. This identification created using retina scan and fingerprints of person. This lead to track any person very easily. Soon, identifications linked with almost every identification like vote, bank accounts and so. Creates the clean environment of information of citizen over the digital platform.

    Private Investigation Services for Common Person

    Hiring an Investigation Service is not a word of shame. A Common person can also hire those services for their personal lives. Pre and Post Marriage checks are done by Investigation firms too. One can also hire them for Company and Employee Background checks. It’s done to check either they are fraud or having the bad review in past. There is a demand in The Insurance sector, regularly hire these firms to filter fraud claims.

    Hiring a Private Detective firm for private security can also be a good idea. There are many services from these Agencies can be availed. Here are some of the services:
    • Personal Services
    • Corporate Services
    • Forensic Services
    • Sweeping Services

    Some of the Agencies also provide you professional spy gadgets on special conditions. They are capable feeling safer. Instead of that one can also demand personal security for a short period. Only licensed firms can provide bodyguards and limited gunmen.


    Top 5 detective agency in hyderabad with Rates & Reviews - TOP 5

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