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    Is Pre Employment Verification important?

    Hiring a good person for your Company’s work is not an easy job. They must cooperate with the work culture of Company. An Employee should also have the suitable skill as the job demands. This thing does not come in a single attempt. Any of company don’t want to hire a drug addict or a person from the criminal background.

    There are many risks at the single time. The company need to share the private information with their employees. It’s necessary to do a background verification before enclosing information. This can be a clear risk to a Company’s reputation if the person isn't risking upon. So, the Pre-Employment verification process is a must to do.

    What is an employee?

    A person who works for a wage. An Employee performs a series of task allotted from the Employer Company. They can be at fix salary or on the contractual basis. May be for a short or long period. Any Organisation is a place where professionals perform, on their skills to function.

    In this case, an Organization has to keep eye on hiring skilled people. It’s seen that people make fake claims about experience, a clear risk to Organization's future. A check to these claims is also necessary.

    What is pre employment screening?

    Pre-Employment screening is important when you’re hiring an unknown person. In pre-employment screening, one can get the background check, reference check and much more. These are a name of a few checks. Pre-employment Screening of a person will verify skill of the candidate. Health check, experience certificate and other necessary checks are performed in this process. One can hire professional services of any private detective agency for these screenings. It can be on annual basis. But it is required to make the contract on the working basis. As any candidate can be screened on any pre-employment check.

    Why is pre employment check is so important?

    A pre-employment check is a must to do. Nobody wants to hire a person from a Criminal Background. They don’t even want to hire a person who already has lodged a fake complaint against his previous worker.

    Protect your company’s reputation: A reputation is represented by People of an Organization. If you’re hiring good people, it’s a clear sign of a clean reputation of Company. But if any organisation is failed in hiring the good person, then it can be very harmful to its reputation.
    Saves time and money: A duck can’t be in a bird clan. It’s important to hire a good fit for any organisation. It’s not also bad to use your valuable resource in training a person who is not fit for the organisation. It also not good to spend a lot of money to maintain an organisation with bad fit people. An organisation can’t go long run with the bad reputation.
    A cross-check: A paper can only show formal details. But any organisation can’t trust a person from a paper itself. To cross check is required for any resume. Any organisation can’t hire a person with the criminal background. So, in order to make a perfect decision, it’s required to give pre-employment check.

    How much time required in a Pre-Employment Check?

    It may take 3 days to a month for a complete check on a Pre-Employment Check. Hiring a good person is good for not only company but the person connected to it. Customers and the co-workers are the big responsibilities of a hire. A short tempered person is not a good fit for any Organisation or an Office.
    There are many private detective agencies in your city, can be hired. You can perform verification as per requirement. It’s not necessary to perform the criminal background check for everybody. But a background check of past employer is a must. Some pre-employment check can also perform by HR department itself.
    Here a check is explained:
    • Documentation: In India, Aadhaar is the best way to cross check a person’s identification. Pan Card check on Government website is also a good idea.
    • Social Media: Checking a person over Social Media is also a must. One can get the perspective of a person over Social Media instantly. Facebook and twitter handles are most common.
    • Police Records: It’s easy to raise a Police Record check is easy these days. Thanks to Digital India Campaign, e-court Database would be a great option to cross check.
    There are many applications, provide such kind of services. Above 3 verifications are common can be checked by any person easily.


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