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List of top 5 best wedding planners in Varanasi with charges & reviews

List of top 5 best wedding planners in Varanasi with charges & reviews

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05 latest wedding Trend

Wedding in India is always imagined to be the one in a traditional way. But, now the thinking of the traditional wedding has been changed in a dramatic way. Everybody wants their special day to be one of the most memorable ones.  Get an inspiration from the Bollywood industry. Most of the thing that is shown on the big screen is now been used in most of the weddings. This has made the weddings more interesting and exciting.

The Drone Capture

Have you watched the oozing film shots from the sky! Yes, it’s the drone capture. Many of the wedding shoot captured in this way. You should also ask for the price of drone shoot. It may be costlier from some of the vendors as it’s new to this industry. The experience of shooting company also counts. Check their past work they have already done.

Early back the videography was a simple thing, done on the ground capturing the straight view. Now, what does the Drone capture change in it! Imagine the bride coming to the mandap and the drone capturing the bride from the top. Also the Varmala. The drone helps in with the rain the rose petals. And capturing those golden moments would make it memorable. Most of the couples want some exciting photo shoots, Drone capture can be helpful.

The Proposal Pop

Imagine an Indian wedding, where most of the wedding are all arranged for the parental end. Now, this has been changing. Ever since the inspiration from the TV industry. Most of the bride wants the stylish wedding proposal too from their groom in front of their known ones. But if think of that in the past. It was like a unicorn. Everybody has heard of it, but no one has seen it. Nowadays the groom with his family think. You plan the wedding, I plan the Proposal. So he makes all the arrangements and chooses the perfect time to do so.

In the modern time, it is not the hassle to ask the parents to do so. The main thing is that to get a perfect proposal click That can be upload on the social media. Capture the prettiest moment with the help of appointed professional photographer. The close friends gathered all around for that click. This most preferred thing that is trending nowadays.


Hashtagging sounds cool nowadays. Most of the couples when engaged and finally get into the moment to get married. Starts to capture all those memorable moments of a wedding . Uploading this by using hashtag it a cool stuff nowadays. The arrangements for marriage gets started and all the pretty clicks captured. This also is one of the most popular trends among the young generations that are active on social media. As it makes them popular. And if someone wants to find all the photos of the celebrations that hashtags are very much useful. This hashtag will help you find all the images of the marriage and its celebrations. Some of its special and pretty clicks all around the social media.

Wear your side - Tag of ladkawala and ladkiwala

The new trend that is very popular and interesting is "Wear your side." This concept is very much attracted for the new generation. Early back most of the family members visit the marriage are unknown to each other. This creates the imaginary group between the guest. And the mediator has those responsibilities to introduce each side with the other. Also, most of the guest in a wedding introduce themselves as ladki ka mama or ladke ka fufa or something like that. This new trends all the possibilities of that awkward situations. All the barati where just know as the ladkewale.

Now, this new trend changes all those tags and all the baraties and the gharati. They can now know with the relationship they have with the groom and the bride. This makes the environment of the wedding more casual.

E-Invitation -  Save the Date

In the modern digital world of social media of Whatsapp. The digital invitation is never been that popular. This new trending invitation type helps you send the invitation in an effective manner. Nowadays the digital invitations have importance as that of the printed card invitation. The invitations to the loved one, far from you can be sent with E-Invitation. Also, will help them save that day and take some time out to come to your very special day. From making the gifs to the short video for the invitation. This is one of the most trending things for the wedding nowadays.


Top 5 wedding planners in varanasi with Rates & Reviews - TOP 5

List of top 5 best wedding planners in Varanasi with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple wedding planner in Varanasi. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local wedding planners in Varanasi charges are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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