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List of top 5 best wedding planners in Kanpur with charges & reviews

List of top 5 best wedding planners in Kanpur with charges & reviews

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Wedding Week: Important to do things

Even though the delivery dates are fixed, must cross check delivery status. One must don’t sit back on the base of contract with vendors. It’s your duty to manage that things should be done on decided dates. Nobody wants to arrange wedding ring on ring ceremony! So, there is a lot of things need to be checked before welcoming wedding week.

But if there are only 7 days left, take out a notepad and check progress. There are a lot of things to do during before marriage week. First of all, apply leaves at least 10 days for the wedding. On the very first day note down every vendor details. Contact them and proceed on following to-dos.

Communicate with every service provider

In order to check, everything is on time communicate to vendors. From this, they can’t make an excuse of forgetting things off. Keep in a reminder that a call should be made at least once a day to keep eye on progress. Confirm, re-confirm and keep confirmation list ready.

Recount every person for meals. Even a band or members of your family. There must be a meal for everybody attending the functions. Keep a list of person too, attending the ceremonies of wedding week. This will help caterers to keep a plate for everybody. It will also ensure that there is no food leftover. If there is any, find a charity to donate food leftovers.

Supply of chairs or tables would be on time. Talk to the florist and another person for supplies. Exchange contact number with related people. Contact and make a list of pickup drop of every guest. Every arrangement should be on time. So this is your duty to communicate them properly.

Appoint every person on work

You don’t want to get in touch with any of vendors every time. You can distribute work among people. Dear ones can handle those things easily. Such as appointing friends for keeping on eye on supplies and set arrangements. Wedding hosts (parents) can control over payments. Here are some suggestions for you:

Finance: Ask your parents to write off final cheques for balance to vendors. This usually done at the end of every function. Do not pay the full amount in advance to any of vendors.

Venue: Ask your best friend to keep an eye on venue arrangements. Parking, catering supplies, decorations and related arrangements. Soundtracks can also be chosen by them.

Wedding Plan: This should be done under the supervision of wedding planner. They will be in your contact only. Exchange phone number of vendors with your people. This would enable cross-check mode for supervision of the best wedding planner.

Time for proper packing

Before the wedding, check all things is packed properly for Honeymoon. Pack a camera, wearables as per weather condition of honeymoon destination properly. There are many other things such as new attires should be packed in advance. This would ensure not to come under stress at the last moment. Its when you’re off to honeymoon after the wedding reception.

Schedule Appointments

Keep an appointment dairy as necessary equipment. Start using to make time for small beauty treatments a couple of months before the wedding day. Keeping nails and body clean every time is not possible. Booking Appointments regularly once or twice a week. Keep using beauty products for not to look so dull in ceremonies. Take care of your partner too for beauty treatments. Doing manicure pedicure is a necessary stuff. Make sure hairs are proper, waxing and much more.

Check Attires for ceremonies

You need to look fabulous at every single ceremony. So keep an eye on every latest trend. Buy magazines, follow fashion magazines on Instagram or Facebook. Call Fashion Industry friends or those who are very active in fashion. Make arrangements for attire ready at the nearest dry cleaner. You need to look best on the wedding day. Renting a dress would be a perfect idea for your wedding. It will secure some money.

Deliver gifts on welcome

Every person is special when they are on the invitation list. They must feel special too. You should buy some gift for them. It can be gifted according to them. You can also create some good memories by including a goodie carrying your picture. Goodies like mugs or keychains would be the best idea to include in any gift. There are many other things available, will also be useful for your guests.


Top 5 wedding planners in kanpur with Rates & Reviews - TOP 5

List of top 5 best wedding planners in Kanpur with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple wedding planner in Kanpur. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local wedding planners in Kanpur charges are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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