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Things you need to know about Weddings in India

Home to more than 700 languages spoken in India, it also has home to every religion & rituals. A Wedding in India is not only limited to celebrations, this is a sacred ritual of combining two souls into one. These souls are the couple and they knot for the lifetime. Many Religions knot those couple for seven lifetimes, it is said. Since Centuries, it’s a ritual and emotional affair for 2 families lasts forever.

Marriage Acts in India

India is a home to many religions. There are many cultures and rituals to be followed in India. While it comes to the wedding, it’s not about only girl and boy but their families also involved in it. Families, as well as two different cultures, can also have a combine.

In past few years, India has seen many inter-caste weddings. This is a good sign of Modern India, where any person can choose their life partner without thinking about casteism. A good future is secured in hands of new Generation, they will respect castes as well as people. So, in such marriages, this is mandatory to legalise the marriage and get Marriage Certificate.

There are various laws of marriage and divorce in Indian Constitution. There are different acts for each of religions such as Hindu Marriage Act and other religions also have their own laws for marriage and divorce. Well in Hindu Marriage act there is an age bar set for both Brides to be 18 years and Groom to be 21 years. While Muslim marriage acts allow a person, if he could afford livings and treat equally, is permitted to keep 4 wives at a time.

Famous Weddings Types in India

When it comes to an Indian wedding, people just image a big fat wedding. A lot of lawajams (elephant, camel and other animal used in Baraat), loud music, crackers, dancing people and much more. Indians use very loud expressions when it comes to weddings. And why not they use these loud expressions, this is an event which combines two souls into one. Not one soul, it’s an event of bonding two families for rest of life.

Weddings in India meant to last long as 7 lives. The couple takes 7 different vows to be faithful, loyal and supportive to each other for the lifetime. Well, India is home to more than 100 religions, so the wedding style would also be different. And thus we present here some of the information about Indian Weddings.


  • Christian Weddings in India: Christian weddings are as fabulous as other religion weddings in India. These marriages have a lot of impacts just like other weddings happen in India. Well, the Population of Christians are less compared to Hindus and Muslims. But just like other religions, there is a lot of things to enjoy in a Christian Wedding. There are unique events for both Bride as well as Groom. Bridal Shower is dedicated for Bride and her friends well Stag Party is for Groom & Friends. Enjoying and partying hard will be the skills you need if you are on side of Groom or either Bride.
  • Muslim Weddings in India: “Nikaah” is the word used for Muslim Wedding Ritual in India. Wedding Rituals of the Muslim community is one of the sober and divine Wedding rituals in India. There is no auspicious time of weddings in Muslim, that is a great fact of this community. They consider all days are given by the great power Allah. Muslim wedding is divided into two part, post and pre wedding rituals. This community has followed Nikah in a very traditional way since Mughals did in India. Almost same rituals are followed throughout entire India for Nikah.
  • Sindhi Weddings in India: Mainly followed by family, rituals are based on the religion they follow. Kind of wedding rituals is followed as their ancestors did. Weddings in Sindhi Community is a perfect mixture of Sufism as well as Hinduism. People from Sindhu River Province, now a leading business community in India. Sindhi Weddings are known for Chamak Damak. As former neighbours Punjabis, Sindhi Weddings are loud and shiny. As Hindus, there are many rituals are same. Matching horoscopes, followed bride’s Vidai many rituals followed as same.

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List of top 5 best wedding planners in Goa with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple wedding planner in Goa. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local wedding planners in Goa charges are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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