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Hazard from Bird in your Residential Building Pigeons are one of the most beautiful birds that you can see around you. You can find pigeons everywhere in the city. Whether it's a park or a graceful balcony you will the pigeon there. But you need to remember a thing that pigeon can be dangerous for your health. This beautiful bird can affect your Health directly. Now you might have started thinking how can this beautiful bird dangerous to us. And If it is dangerous ! how can I get rid of them. The beautiful feathers of pigeon can cause a disease Histoplasmosis. This disease first affects your lungs and then is spread through the organs. The bird dropping is considered as a good omen, but it is not. The dropping contains several bacteria. That can cause food poisoning, diarrhoea, fever and many other harmful diseases. So the next time you have them fluttering around your balcony or window remember this thing. The most common problem that is faced by pigeons is for the tall storey building. Pigeons spread dirt in most of those homes. These birds make the dirty mess at your balcony. It doesnt matter what you do or how much you chase them. They come back and make your roofs and balconies dirty. To get rid of this problem here are some of the remedies mentions these would help you for sure. Home Remedies Bird Spikes You can install the bird spikes and the bird nets in the area where most of the pigeons create a problem for you. This is an effective way to to get rid of pigeons. You can get these spikes easily in the market, but they are a bit expensive. But this will help you keep the pigeons away. Honey The honey solution is one of the best ways to get rid of pigeons. Birds dont to land on anything that is sticky. So if you don't want to expense more on the bird nets you can use this method. Doing this is very simple, the only thing you need to do is spread some honey on the roof or on the balcony. Doing this will drive them away and they won't come back again. Use CD Disk Another attractive home remedy you can use is, make the use of CD disk. You can place CD hanging on your balcony. The movement of the CD by the wind and the reflection of CD will scare them. And this will keep them away to come to your balcony. Get a pet Another way that will help you get rid of the pigeons is that you can get a pet. Either a Cat or a Dog, this could be a great option to get away from pigeons. Pigeons don't like pets, also pets dont like the pigeon. So they wont dare to come to your house if you have a pet in your house. Plastic Way If you dont to have a pet, for this reason. There is another simple alternative of that. You can purchase the plastic owl and snakes, you will get those from the toy store. All you need to do is place those plastic toys on your balcony. The reason for only owl and snake is, pigeons only are afraid of these two creatures. And if their toys are placed they will stay away from that place. And this will help you end your problem. Ultrasonic Devices You can also you the ultrasonic waves and devices to scare pigeons off. This is the handy method of ultrasound technology. This method is commonly used by the commercial buildings. Also, are used by the farmers in their agricultural fields. The number is now increasing in houses. It has the good positive effect and you can get rid of them successfully. Deterrents (Home Made) To keep pigeons enter your house and from nests, you can use this remedy. You can spread some spices like Chilli powder or pepper around the vents and also your balcony. This organic deterrent can be considered as the best to get rid of the pigeons. And will keep them away from spreading dirt in your house. Pest Control Remedies - Professional All the above methods are good enough. But check whether the problem is big or not. If there are more pigeons get a help from the experts. Call the professional pest control service providers. Professional has that up to date knowledge that helps them get rid of the pigeons. They have the techniques and treatments for the pigeons. They also have that method to get rid of pigeons, also keeping the birds safe. Also if you have the flat in the city, you can install pigeon netting for your balcony. If you dont have that installed, call the professionals to get it installed.

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List of top 5 best pest control Bhubaneswar with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple pest control services in Bhubaneswar. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local pest control in Bhubaneswar are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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