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Top 5 packers and movers in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) -

Packers and movers Lucknow and moving checklist

Before 2 month or 8 weeks

Collect all the essential documents of both workplace and home. Pack both separately, surrender official documents at office and another should be packed in a suitcase for easy carriage.
You should research on what you want to keep and what you donate. Pack necessary items and rest of unwanted items should be sold off.
It is better to research for movers and packers Lucknow now! Collect a number of moving prices. It is suggested not to reply instantly for confirmation, just collect the best prices.
You should now organize all the records, such as kid's academics. You should visit school or collage and arrange records to transfer studies to another state or nation.

Before 1½ months or 6 weeks

Create a list of packing materials. It depends on the goods you wanted to move so accordingly order for packing supplies to mover and packers in Lucknow.
Lose all those packed food, before moving. It is suggested not to carry food products with you! Finish food before moving, you have 6 weeks!
Hire reliable packers and movers in Lucknow from your list. You must hire the relocation service provider company having ISO certification, Company registration number, have their own fleet, offering written confirmation for moving and so forth.
Make a list of all the works pending for move. Make a list of works to be done at the time of moving process is going on.

Before 1 month

Contact hired packers and movers Lucknow. Confirm the date of moving.
You should now start packing goods for move. This time you can utilize the list of goods for packing. It is suggested to prepare a list of goods according to boxes packed for moving.
Every box should be labelled. It is required to mention DESTINATION ROOM, ESSENTIAL for essential goods, FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE for goods to be cared with safety and proper guidance.
Give organizations an update. You should have to provide complete information of move to some important organizations such as Postal Office and Insurance Companies.
Before moving, give a complete health check-up. You should use to visit your doctor for a health check-up. It will be better to carry old health records at the time visiting Doctor's Clinic.

Goods moving via packers and movers in Lucknow

Before Two Weeks


Arrange work as you will be free from work place on moving day. It is quite necessary to be free from every single work on moving day.
Update all your machinery in this week! Car, bike or anything you require travelling to another city. If you are not driving to that destination, you should use to transport your vehicles to that city. For more information contact hired packers movers Lucknow!

Before a week

You should clean out entire essential goods from your bank lockers and other places you have stored. You should also return all those goods you have borrowed from other people. It is also suggested to collect those goods you've lend to other people.
On Moving day
This time, again make contact with movers and packers in Lucknow for checking final arrangement for move. Take out inventories and arrange move.

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