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Best packers and movers in barauni with charges & reviews

Best packers and movers in barauni with charges & reviews

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FAQs related to insurance provided by packers and movers Barauni

What is insurance:

Insurance is a “promise of compensation for specific potential future losses in exchange for a periodic payment”. It is a kind of a financial safety and security given to the customer with regards to the goods belonging to him/ her. An insurance contract will cover the different kinds of damages and the ways and means in which the same can or might occur. Only the issues or means clearly specified in the insurance contract will be covered and the reimbursement will be based upon the features of the contract.

Why is it needed:

An insurance cover is the most important part of relocation and hence, if not offered, you must insist upon purchasing one to maintain the safety of your goods? An insurance cover is required to cover you and your goods from any kind of damage (that has been specifically mentioned in the insurance contract) caused due to any unforeseen event (which has been specified in the contract). Vide a valid insurance contract, the packers and movers Barauni are bound to reimburse you for any loss or damage suffered by you or your goods while the goods are in the custody of the packers and movers in Barauni.

What are the various kinds of insurance:

There are majorly two kinds of insurances. The first insurance is based upon the weight of the goods and the second is based upon the actual value of the goods. As regards the weight of the goods, the Barauni packers and movers will mostly ask you to insure your goods for the value based upon weight. In such case the goods are insured for a minimum value and in case of any damage or loss, the reimbursement will be calculated keeping the weight in mind. In case the insurance is upon the value of the goods, the client will have to give proper valid proofs regarding the actual cost/ value of the goods. Once the same has been submitted and approved a proper and valid contract will be signed. According to this insurance contract, the packers and movers will be bound to reimburse you the total cost that has been mentioned in the insurance contract in case of any loss or damage. However, the packer and mover have a choice to either replace the good or repair the original in case of any damage rather than reimbursing the cost. Now replacing or repairing is not that easy hence reimbursement is always given more preference. Whatever be your choice of insurance, you must make sure that it is clearly specified in the contract.

What all will be covered by insurance:

An insurance contract depending upon the features will cover the loss or damage caused to the goods due to the negligence of the Barauni packer and mover. Hence make sure you do not put any flammable or perishable item without the permission of the packer and mover since any loss suffered due to the same will have to be borne by you.


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