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The role of NGO in India’s poverty alleviation

Poverty is the biggest and firm problem for India. After the post independence they the rate of poverty is an increasing number. Statically, There is a huge number of people in India below the poverty level. The focus of the election and all the political agenda are around the poverty concerned. The government has introduced various projects for this. Either it is the subsidy or the poverty controlling mechanism. But most of them have failed to give the result.

In the last couple of decades, NGOs are taking part in this agenda. And they have significantly helped in the poverty controlling mechanism. They are working the field to improve the livelihood of the poor. They have given various employment opportunities. Also helped by from the self-help groups in the rural area. They have organised various empowerment program for the children and women. Many families from the rural and urban area have enjoyed the benefits of the work of NGOs.

Works of NGO

NGOs work for the poor people. They have played a handy role in offering the reliefs to the individuals. Also providing the basic amenities for the people facing the extreme poverty.

NGOs are working towards the improvement of the livelihood of the people. They are trying to improve the life quality of the poor. To do this, They organise many empowerment programs both for men and women. This offers some commendable increase in their life style.

NGOs are trying their best to provide the employment to the poor. These families are poor because they don’t have the source of earning. They are not able to fulfil their daily needs. For Avoiding this NGOs organise many training programs. These programs are organised to teach people a new skill. So they can have skill based livelihood.

NGOs work both on Micro and Macro level. They provide various public services on these level. This directly helps to decrease the poverty percentage. There are many other programs that NGOs have implemented. These programs are extremely handy for the people that are sticking to poverty. These programs are mostly for the individuals.

These are some of the strategies on which NGOs work. Other than these, there are many strategies that NGOs use. Social Development is one of those strategies. It is one those program that has played a crucial role in this program. But, these development programs only work on a macro level, not on the grass level. For Working of Grass level or Micro level, there are other programs that NGO are implementing. For the Micro level, they form the Self Help Groups (SHG). small scale industries and other micro finance units are formed for the micro level. All these provide various employment source to the poor.

Resources for the Poor

The major problem that India need to face for the removal of poverty is resources. One of the major reason that causes the poverty is the lack of resources. Here, even if the people wish to go ahead of poverty, they can’t. This is all because of the lack of resources. This is the root problem, and now NGOs has understood this problem. This is now providing many resources to the poor ones. These resources help the poor to fight poverty. These NGOs are also teaching the poor, proper use of the resources. Helping them to efficiently utilize the available resources. Now there are many families that have got benefit from it. These families were previously poverty stricken. but now have improved their standard of living.

Socioeconomic Services

Socioeconomic Services, these are a very important phase to fight poverty. Because without the knowledge of the social status the people won’t be able to fight the poverty. There are many poverty development programs that are offered by NGO. Other than these programs NGOs work on different department too. They now a day’s offer the poor proper public and Socio-economic Services. This is very important in a developing and populated country like India. Because most of the poor are not able to use the services. Poor don't have the proper access to various services offered by the government. Also, these NGOs try to offer the poor the complete access to the services provided. In fact, sometimes they offer the direct provision of the economic services. And also to the public services that an individual need to get.  they offer complete the development to the individual suffering from the poverty.

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List of top 5 best NGO in Navi Mumbai with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple List of NGO in Navi Mumbai. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local Best NGO in Navi Mumbai are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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