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NGO in India

NGO is playing a significant role in the development of India. They are contributing to the improvement of Modern India. Also, the count of the NGOs has been increased on a large scale in the past couple of decades. They are now working like a parallel government. They are fulfilling all the activities of a government. Also, they are the none profit organisation working for the people. There are many NGOs in India, working in the different sector. They all have their own goal and department to work. But they have the same motto, they serve for the people. They are Found all over the India, working in the different sector. NGOs can be defined as a voluntary organisation. They come in existence for a specific purpose.

Features of NGO.

Voluntary associations

NGOs are formed by the people on their self-interest. They work for the society with their voluntary support and common Interest.


NGO is the autonomous body that works free from the government. They don’t have any interference of the government or government bodies. They are regulated by their own policies. They follow their own procedure of work. But, don’t think that it is against the government. They have a different policy to work but they don’t work against the government.

Service Motive

NGO is a Non-profit organisation. They are not the organisation that works for the business terms. Rather than this, they work for the social welfare. They work in the aspects of Child Education, women empowerment, and social problems. They have a motive to work for the social welfare of the society.

Own funds

As discussed NGOs don’t have any interaction with the government. They don’t take support from the government for funds. All the funds they required to work are generated by the contribution of the public. Some of these NGOs get the financial support from the private business organisation. Also, some of them are financed by international authorities.

Work Departments of NGO.

In the modern world, NGO have a crucial role to play. They work for the welfare of society. They try to fill the gap that is left by the government. In the recent time, they have done the significant contribution in the society. Here are some of that area explained.

Education of Children

The literacy rate of a country decides the growth of the Country. For a developing country like India, the literacy rate is an important factor to note. And the literacy rate mostly depends on the education of the children. NGOs work on this parameter efficiently.  There are many NGOs that work for the child education. Some of them provide free textbooks and computers to the rural school. While some provide the education where there is no connectivity to the schools.

Development of Youth

Development of youth is necessary. This is because of the talent in the youth is carved, then it would help the country grow. This is why many NGOs work this sector. They operate awareness programs to develop the youth and bring their talent out.

Protection of animals

There are many NGOs that work towards this goal. They take care of the in protecting the animals. Also, are taking sufficient care in the prevention of cruelty against the animal. And they take the action against the person who is doing this.

Development and operation of infrastructure

Development of infrastructure is an important thing for a better livelihood. This is especially in the rural area of the country. For this NGOs acquire and develop the land and construct the housing. Many of them also provide the basic amenities for the area. They provide wells, public toilet and also waste collections services.

Disaster Management.

There are many NGO that works for the disaster management. They take welfare programs during the natural calamities. They work during the times of Floods or earthquake. They help the people who are suffering from this disaster.  They build the house for the one who lost their house in the disaster. Also, take the re-establishment programs for the affected persons. Also, some of them help the victims with the financial assistance till the time they get out of disaster.

Protection of environment

Environment protection is the most important thing to do. Because if the environment is destroyed then people won’t be able to live at that place. For this NGOs plays a vital role in the protection of the environment. They have started taking the activities for the protection of the environment. Either it is afforestation or prevention of water and air pollution.

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List of top 5 best NGO in Indore with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple List of NGO in Indore. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local Best NGO in Indore are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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