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NGOs role in elimination of child labour from India

Poverty is a hurdle that India face during its development. And it is seen that the children are caught in fire by the poverty. The poor family conditions forced them into child labour. This is because they can serve the family as the assets of the family. Although there are many laws that are made to prohibit child labour. But, still, in India, there are lakhs of child labourers below the age of 14. There is still a rise in the Child labour, due to poverty. Because of this, the role of NGO and civil society is increased. Here are some of the thing that NGOs do to eliminate child labour.

Prohibition of Child Labour at Commercial Enterprises

NGOs are the one that constantly works towards the end of the society Erbil. The Local NGO are known to report for the use of child labour at businesses. There are thousands of children that are working 14 to 16 hrs a day. These children are doing an intensive labour profession. These professions are very tough like farming, mining, stone cutting and embroidery works. Child labour has one of the highest counts in some of the communities in India. These communities are  Scheduled Tribes, Muslims, Scheduled Castes and OBC children. Although all these class have a high number of reservation, there is still this issue. There are many children NGOs that work

There are many another profession that has a large number of child labour count. These are the professions like beedi-rolling, construction, fireworks and matches factories. you can find child labour. at hotels, leather factory, mines, silk and synthetic gems industries. By all these things there is an increased number of child trafficking. Also when there is the demand for labour for the retail, hospitality, and menial work sectors.  the count of child trafficking increases.

Policy Reformation

There are many NGO that works for this issue. They coordinate with the government at many levels. They also coordinate with the policy makers to form the policies suitable for the society. They fought against child labour by the legalisation of new laws. They have taken many actions that control child labour. Also, they take actions for child abuse, child trafficking and child rights violation.

One of the main Aim of NGO is to make child trafficking unacceptable for the whole society. They are developing the long lasting results, for the children education and nourishment. This is all done by building the relationship between the Urban and rural area that supports the NGOs. Also, there are many other laws that are formed in the favour of the children. By all these, there is a lot of improvement in the child labour control.

Creating awareness

The best thing one can do for stopping child labour is by creating awareness. There are many NGOs that perform many project and campaigns to do so. They spread the awareness between the parental class of the society. Because by doing this there would be more children getting the basic facilities. These NGOs also interact with the vulnerable communities. This is to drive them the importance of keep away the child from child labour. Also giving them the proper and quality education.  The main reason for the child labour is the financial condition of the family. So these NGOs create the awareness as well as the livelihood for such communities. For the Micro level, they create the Self-help group and create the employment for such families. By doing this they encourage the discontinuation of the child labour. Also, they improve the standard of living of these families.

Grass Root Missions to free the Children.

Protecting and saving the children at the grassroots level. can be a crucial method for stopping child labour. In the past year of 2014, there were many International NGOs that took a mission for the same. In that, they save approx 8 lakh children of the age below 14 were saved from the cotton communities. These children were from the states of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. Also, these NGOs worked in the other states of India. They worked at thousands of villages and saving children from Child labour. They make the businessmen and farmers pledge. to keep their workplace child labour free. Along with all these vulnerable things done to the community. They have also helped police in catching the child trafficking rackets.

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List of top 5 best NGO in Faridabad with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple List of NGO in Faridabad. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local Best NGO in Faridabad are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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