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Dynamics of Rural Poverty in India

In the past couple of decades, India has made tremendous growth in the economic status. But poverty is something that is still the problem for India. In simple words, Poverty can be defined . As the inability of a person to secure the minimum requirements of the Life. That is they are unable to fulfil their basic requirement of food, shelter and clothing. As per the international stats on poverty, In India, there are more than 300 million people marked as poor.

In the recent ranking for the countries for GDP, health care India ranked 118 out of 180. In the last couple of decade, the growth of India is good. Also, there is a decrease in the number of the poor. But there are still many poor who need the help and get the good standard of living. Also in India, it is very important for the people to get the basic requirements to be filled. Still, almost one-third of the population in India is below the poverty line. Among the poor population, most of them stay in the rural area. Statically that is 30 percent of the total poor life in the rural area. In the past three decades the there is a growth in rural to urban migration. But still, the poverty problems remain the same.

In the rural area, the root of the poverty has gone to the deepest. This is mostly in the community of scheduled caste and tribes. In the survey done in 2005, the total 80 percent of the rural belong to this cast. Even their community share in very less in the rural area. For fighting against poverty, NGOs are playing a crucial role. Also, the people in the community should support them. by the donation that they can make for a fight against poverty.

Rural Poverty - Causes and Effects

The rural economy of India is dependent on the only thing that is agriculture. Most the people from the rural area have to farm as their only livelihood. They are involved in agriculture.  which is dependent on nature and various another factor. There is one more big problem for agriculture in India. The agriculture here depends on the monsoon, which most of the time is unpredictable. This thing directly hampers the production of the yield of the crop. Sometimes the yield is insignificant other time it is an excess yield of a crop. This leads to the improper consummation of the Corp. In the rural area Shortage of irrigation facilities makes the problem worst. And thus they don’t have sufficient money throughout the year. Many of the farmers take loan, and then struggle it to repay. Even some of the time's problem gets worse, causing farmers to commit suicide. The poverty of the rural people causes, even more, the problem for these rural areas. And even they have left away from the basics need of living.  They don’t get the proper education or infrastructure in their locality. Also, they have the problem of sanitation and communication.

How NGOs Can Play a Role in Helping Poor

India has a fight against the poverty since the time of post independence. For fighting against the poverty the civic bodies and different government agencies work. Also, there are many other independent agencies and NGOs work. NGOs in the past couple of decade have played important role in fighting poverty. These all agencies curve towards the end of poverty in India. NGOs get to engage with the communities that are suffering from the poverty. And work for the improvement of sanitation, disease control and education.  they give them the emotional support and create more employment ways to earn a better life. Most of the NGOs work in the communities that have less connectivity. Their aim is to empower these people for better life. Some of them especially helpful for children so that they can stand on their feet. Education is the thing that can make a noticeable change for a long time. IT can break free the people from the shakes of the poverty. This is why most of the NGOs work in this sector for the rural area. They there teach the children that have got the least support for the society. Also, they run campaigns that are for the educations of the elders. By doing this they try to fight for the poverty in India.

If you want to do something good for the society and give back the society. The best way to do so is  Support an NGO today. By doing this you will help the country fight against the poverty. Also, there are several more reason that causes the rampage poverty in the rural area. For fighting against poverty, there are many initiatives taken by the government. Also, the NGOs are playing a vital role in doing so. But, one thing is sure, NGOs need the help and support from the society to fight poverty.

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List of top 5 best NGO in Bhopal with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple List of NGO in Bhopal. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local Best NGO in Bhopal are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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