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How NGO supporting Women Empowerment in India

NGOs are supporting women empowerment so beautifully. India, where a girl child was not a good sign once upon a time, Indians are now proud of them. NGO has done a great job in women empowerment in India. There are different strategies to improvise the security of women platform. NGOs does a great job in self esteem in the women. There are many Angan Badi Centers in India to make women an entrepreneur.

Marking the point of GDP status, India is phenomenal in the past couple of decades. Despite all these achievements, India lacks behind in some core values. The value of Human dignity and social Justice. Among all Gender Inequality and caste system are the most serious issues that we need to look at. Gender inequalities Include keeping women in the subordinate position. The evil system of dowry in the marriage. Imposition of domestic chores and sexual harassment. Gender equality does exist but women injustice exists at an extreme condition. To reduce this women empowerment is necessary.

The NGOs provide good details known to the women of their rights. And also generate the awareness among them about the legal rights. This can also help them get a loan or credit from a bank. And a group of women can enhance their work and create more resources from their employment. NGOs training poor women skills. They are helping to encourage for self-employment. This provides them with the vast range of opportunities for the self-employment. Also, their social and financial status can improve from all this innovative. They create a culture for the rural women, that helps them and their family living a good life.

Fair trade, it is an important term for the people in the rural area. The biggest problem faced when it comes to trade is, they have to deal with the middleman due to lack of knowledge. This Middleman buys all the stuff giving less profit to the poor. And then selling all these stuff in the market. The NGO works and helps the poor to sell their product direct to the market. This removal of the middleman makes the fair trade for the poor. And this encourages most of the people to work for self-employment.  Formation of SHG. It’s the great initiative that has been encouraged in the past few years. The effective functioning of the SHG depends on the dedication of NGO. Government and NGOs are taking strong steps towards women empowerment. With the help of SHG, this changes get a good helping hand.

Promoting the Organisations of people is an effective way that has been adopted by the NGOs. This thing has a good effect in women empowerment. SHG is also one those. Other that SHGs, NGOs to support some other groups. Mahila Mandal, Yuvati Mandal and many other village communities are common examples. The motto of these groups is to work together for the empowerment. NGOs provide independence to women to form the groups enjoy the freedom. NGOs in Bangalore are the potential aspects in forming the SHG. from organising the people and motivating to the SHG, NGO plays a Crucial role. All the techniques required to form an SHG is easily accomplished by SHG.  They have the trained staff that help to handle this micro-credit mechanism. NGOs help women by providing the small credit, those have the better record of repaying the loan.

There is a lot of things on which the improvement is yet to be done. The major difference can only be made from the government end. NGOs in Bangalore can only be a helping hand and support the work of government. The government should focus on the women education in the rural area for women go-ahead. Further coming to the Role of NGOs

Despite most efforts from the NGOs in women empowerment, the results are encouraging. Most of the women are yet to empowered and don’t have any power or freedom. The other problem faced during women empowerment is the lack of information.

NGOs have been playing their role in a significant manner. They have made a drastic amount of change in lifestyle of women, especially in the rural area. They made women more independent and self-motivated to take their life decisions. They have also contributed to improving the health and literacy level in the rural area. IF the NGOs contribute in the same manner, India will surely have that Gender Equality.

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List of top 5 best NGO in Bangalore with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple List of NGO in Bangalore. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local Best NGO in Bangalore are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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