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Is Post Marriage Investigation important?

We have found that there is a rapid growth in a number of Divorce cases in India. The base of this can be inferiority complex or it can be insecurity. People have different lifestyles. It doesn’t matches after marriage sometimes it end up to divorce. It’s not easy for someone to end up their married life like this. Emotions, memories and many other traits are also involved in it.

Many of things of a partner however required or not can attract divorce case on them. Hiding truth, talking over hours on a secret phone call, ignoring family and so. These traits are the first symptom of divorce cases these days. In such conditions, take a professional detective service and let your doubt be clear. This is not good to put your partner on surveillance but for a happy life, you can practice the same.

Why does a person demand a Post-Marriage Investigation?

Divorces are complicated. There are many grounds of a divorce case. In recent days, Property and Domestic Violence are the basis of most cases. If you have a doubt on your partner cheating with you, hire professional detective agency. If you got proof of cheating, you can just do a mutual divorce. This would let you some compensation to your partner. If they are capable of working, then it can be for a limited period of time. If you have children, then custody of children can be an issue.

Can I provide proof of cheating by my partner in Court?

One cannot take investigation on its own. This practice is against our honourable Law Procedure. Courts sometimes make special investigation team for special cases. Lawyers can practice a limited set of investigation from a certified Detective Agency.

Can I track my Partner’s Car without knowing to them?

There are many gadgets available in the market that can help you in the same. These devices were big in earlier days. Nowadays, these devices have size of a small pack of cigarettes. They can installed permanent in a car or magnetic attached. You can track the behavior of Partner’s driving, speed and much more facts.

Some of the devices can also provide your audio or video recordings if installed inside of a car. This can provide you more information about their loyalty. But they aren’t profitable as can traced. There are some special devices limited to professionals only. So you can take more help from those Pro Investigators.

Can I perform a Loyalty check on my partner? Is there any case too?

Every couple is not happy! Many of husbands or wives are not happy with their partner. They want to go out on a blind date or some fantasies too! If you also have these types of wishes, keep it to you only. If you want to do the same or did it, it’s just a clear case of cheating on your partner.

CASE: There are some cases too. A woman has a doubt on her husband. He indulged over social media more than normal person. Not sharing screen and other suspicious activities. Lady was not comfortable. She decided to put an investigation over her husband via social media platform. She found some proofs too but was not able to confront him with proofs. Lady was unable to access the account later on. So she decided to take a hand from professional Investigation Agency.
She ends up finding a Professional. With help of likes, dislikes, fantasy a trap was created over Social Media. Husband was targeted. To catch him in act of cheating, everything was set and bait was set. Soon, target fell for the same. A couple of likes and dislikes exchanged as normal conversation. Soon the intimate dialogues were started from Husband. It was clear that intention of Suspect is not clear for his new Social friend. Soon after a romantic date was set by Suspect. Unaware of Investigation, he waited for “The Date” and Lady for “The Proof”.
After some time, lady filed a case against her Husband. With help of detective agency, she presented the proof on the allegation of Divorce case. Husband was unaware of proofs against him about the blind date. Resulting in favour of Lady, the Divorce case was ended up.

In most cases, Hon. Court also provides some time to a couple for sharing some more time with each other. Grounds for this time can be anything, which deems fit according to Hon. Court. Still, it’s found that couple doesn't want to exchange court procedure. They practice divorce mutually.

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List of top 5 best Detective agency in Pune with ✔charges ✔✔real reviews and ✔✔✔contact details. Get quote from multiple Private detective agency in Pune. COMPARE !! DEAL !! AND SAVE MONEY !! All local Detective agencies in Pune are physically verified. BEST RATE GUARANTEED

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